An Introduction

Welcome to Pistonalytics, where we take an analytic approach to understanding the Detroit Pistons.  I am a life-long Pistons fan living in Georgia.  I do not have NBA League Pass, so my knowledge of the Pistons relies heavily on metrics, blogs and columnists.  There is great insight gained from watching the games night-to-night.  For that insight, check out the great work done at PistonPowered, Detroit Bad BoysNeed 4 Sheed, The Detroit News, and the Detroit Free Press.  That said, there is plenty to be learned from metrics as well.  That is where Pistonalytics can join the conversation.  The goal is to thoughtfully consider the Pistons using metrics, visualizations and narratives to add to our understanding of the team.

I hope you find some value from these posts.


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