Four Factors Check-in

The Dean Oliver’s four factors are an easy way to begin assessing a team’s strengths and weaknesses.  With that in mind, let’s see where the Pistons rank compared to the rest of the league going into tonight’s game vs. Boston.


  • eFG% = 19th
  • TOV% = 25th
  • ORB% = 9th
  • FT/FGA = 15th


  • eFG% = 9th
  • TOV% = 27th
  • DRB% = 21st
  • FT/FGA = 21st

When the Pistons win games, holding the opponent to a poor shooting night is key.  In 11 of the 14 wins, the opponent shot below the league average in FG%.

The ranking that probably best explains the loses is turnovers.  564 turnovers by the Pistons this year compared to 493 for their opponents.  That is a difference of 1.8 turnovers a game.  With 7 of the 25 losses thus far decided by four points or less, those two possessions a game are a glaring shortcoming.

The lack of created turnovers on defense may be explained away by the defensive strategy.  If the team increased their steal attempts, the aggressiveness might lead to open players and open shots for the opponent.  Turning the ball over on offense, however, is purely skill.  With the young cornerstones of Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight being the worse culprits, the Pistons have a few options as they look toward the future:

  1. Build the rest of the team around low turnover players (like Tayshaun Prince).
  2. Coach or scheme to help Monroe and Knight reduce turnovers.
  3. Trade away Monroe and/or Knight.

We will explore these options in a future post.


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