Improving Turnovers: Low Turnover Players

One of the Pistons’ biggest issues is turnovers.  If they intend to keep high turnover players like Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe, they need to ensure the rest of the team is low turnover.  Let’s break it down position by position.


Andre Drummond is clearly the number one candidate for center of the future for the Pistons.  In fact, many would argue he should be the center of right now.  But how is he turnover-wise?  He is actually pretty good.  His TOV% of 11.3 puts him firmly in the B letter-grade range.  His turnovers might increase if his usage increases to average or higher, but for now, there is one more reason to have confidence is Drummond going forward.

Small Forward

Tayshaun Prince is one of the best at holding onto the ball.  Bash Isolation Prince all you want, but those iso-plays are safe possessions, if nothing else.  With two more years on his deal, the plan may be to keep Prince there long-term.  However, if not, a player in the Tayshaun Prince/Shane Battier is the type of player that would fit nicely with the current core of Pistons.  Depending on where they draft, Otto Porter might be an option.

Shooting Guard

Rodney Stuckey currently has a TOV% of 13, which puts him middle of the pack or in the C letter-grade range.  On some teams that would be just fine, but the Pistons might need above average at the other guard to pair with Knight.  That said, there are not a lot of players who carry the scoring load for their team and can keep their turnovers in check.  Exceptions are the elite (Kobe, Dwyane Wade, etc.) and the young stars (Klay Thompson, Bradley Beal, etc.).  As much as I’d like to see a Stuckey for Thompson or Beal trade, I can’t image Golden State or Washington giving it a second of thought.  Beyond that, I don’t see how trades like Stuckey for Shannon Brown help the Pistons long-term or short-term.

Building around Knight, Monroe, Drummond, Tayshaun and a Bradley Beal-type player looks good on paper.  It’s the shooting guard that is hardest to figure out.  There is always a chance that the Pistons sign Kevin Martin in free agency or see  Ben McLemore drop to them in the draft.  Neither is a likely scenario, but both are worthy pursuits.


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