Bring Back Jerebko

On November 23, Jonas Jerebko played about 12 minutes in a win versus the Raptors.  Since then, Jerebko has played less than 12 minutes combined.  Let’s look at his scorecard this season to assess why.

Jonas Jerebko 2012-2013 scorecard (as of 1/29/2013)

Jonas Jerebko 2012-2013 scorecard (as of 1/29/2013)

It seems like the glaring flag here is his shooting.  His eFG% and his shooting inside of 16 feet has been so poor.  But remember, the bulk of these stats were accumulated in just 13 games.  How do they compare to what Jerebko did in 64 games last season?

Jonas Jerebko 2011-2012 scorecard

Jonas Jerebko 2011-2012 scorecard

The big difference here is better shooting and a little down-tick in defense.  When we think of what type of player Jerebko is, 2011-2012 seems like a wise starting point.  Here is why:

Season G MP
2011-12 64 22.9
2012-13 15 15.3

Sample size.

Now, maybe Jerebko was doing some things this season differently than last season.  Maybe he is regularly out of position on defense going for steals or not aggressive enough in the paint to draw fouls and get to the line.  Or maybe the problem is merely limited to shooting.  Let’s look at these numbers from HoopData.

At Rim 3-9 Feet 10-15 Feet 16-23 Feet Threes
Yr M A FG% M A FG% M A FG% M A FG% M A eFG%
2011-12 3.0 4.9 61.1 0.5 1.7 32.3 0.2 0.5 35.3 1.2 2.4 50.0 0.9 2.9 45.3
2012-13 3.0 5.8 51.5 0.2 1.4 12.5 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.5 1.1 50.0 1.1 4.6 34.7

The biggest change is that he is taking more shots at the rim and three pointers.  This is generally good for any player, but Jerebko is shooting worse at the rim and his 3pt shooting is below average to begin with.  He is taking less long twos, which again is normally a good thing, but it is the one shot Jerebko hits consistently.

Poor shooting may explain why Jerebko is used as a PF and buried on the depth chart.  But his rebounding, energy and defense are valuable enough that he should still be contributing to the Pistons.  As the season moves forward, I hope Lawrence Frank finds a spot in the rotation for Jonas once again.


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