Pistons Free Agent Targets – Above Average Point Guards

As it is the night before teams can “officially” have discussions with free agents, now seems like a good time to explore some free agent point guard options.  First, let’s baseline with Brandon Knight.

Brandon Knight 2012-2013 scorecard

Brandon Knight 2012-2013 scorecard

This is just a reminder that Brandon Knight wasn’t very good for the Pistons last year.  The Pistons can get someone better to start at the point next year.  One option is already familiar to Pistons fans.

Jose Calderon 2012-2013 scorecard

Jose Calderon 2012-2013 scorecard

Jose Calderon played well for Detroit last season after the Tayshaun Prince trade.  Jose is a very good offensive player.  He shoots great and is a high assist guy.  With a young squad, I would love to see the Pistons bring Calderon back to provide some veteran savvy.  He’s not a superstar, but I don’t think they are going to find any free agent point guards this off-season that excel at both ends of the court.

If looking for a plan B, Darren Collison is a good option.

Darren Collison 2012-2013 scorecard

Darren Collison 2012-2013 scorecard

Collison is a little Calderon-y.  Not a great defender (though he does get steals).  The biggest difference between Collison and Calderon (besides age) is that Collison gets into the paint.  This creates free throw opportunities and even when it doesn’t, he still shoots a high percentage from close.

There are other unrestricted free agent options (Jarrett Jack, C.J. Watson or Mo Williams for example), but none are more interesting than a stop-gap solution.  There are restricted free agents (Brandon Jennings or Jeff Teague), but both seem destined to return to their old teams.  If I was Joe Dumars and I didn’t have a trade lined up, my point guard plan would look like this:

  • Plan A: Resign Jose Calderon
  • Plan B: Sign Darren Collison
  • Plan C: Sign a stopgap for one year
  • Plan Z: Have Brandon Knight come into camp as the starting point guard.

I am excited about this off-season, because I have know idea what the Pistons will do.  It’ll be fun to see.  I just hope they don’t settle for Plan Z at point guard.


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