Are the Pistons’ Point Guards Actually Good?

I came into the off-season hoping for Jose Calderon or Darren Collison.  Having missed on both, I was pretty doom-and-gloom regarding the Pistons point guard situation.  But then, the Pistons brought back Chauncey Billups and Will Bynum.  All of a sudden, my mood has upgraded to mildly optimistic.  Here’s why.

First, Will Bynum:

Will Bynum 2012-2013 scorecard

Will Bynum 2012-2013 scorecard

When I thought Bynum was the only alternative to Knight or Stuckey at the point, I wasn’t too happy.  But as a backup?  I can handle a guy that tries to be instant offense off the bench and to create plays on defense.  Is he a great defender or a low-turnover point guard?  No.  But if the Pistons want to give him 14 minutes a game like they did in 2011-2012, I’m game.  Plus, there is always potential for plays like this.

And then the return of fan favorite Chauncey Billups:

Chauncey Billups 2012-2013 scorecard

Chauncey Billups 2012-2013 scorecard

Billups’ scorecard for 2012-2013 should be taken with a grain of salt, since he played only 400-some minutes last season.  But logging about 20 minutes a game, he still looked like starting caliber point guard (at least on offense).  Good shooter, decent at ball handling and gets to the free throw line.  There is a lot to like here.  Count me among those who believe that Billups, who will be 37 this fall, will be the Pistons’ best point guard this season.

There are 48 minutes in a typical NBA basketball game.  How could the Pistons divvy up the minutes?  Here is my proposal:

Player Minutes
Billups 25
Bynum 15
Knight/Stuckey 8

This is making a few assumptions:

  • That Peyton Siva doesn’t make the team (or at least the active roster on most nights)
  • That Chauncey Billups can play 25 minutes a night.  (I’d be willing to play him 30 minutes a night, but I don’t want to get greedy.)

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Plus, for as active as Joe Dumars implied he would be in the trade market, I’m not sure if the team’s opening night backcourt is even set yet.  But, even if no trade happens, there is still reason for hope for Pistons fans.


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