Are the Pistons’ Point Guards Actually Good?

I came into the off-season hoping for Jose Calderon or Darren Collison.  Having missed on both, I was pretty doom-and-gloom regarding the Pistons point guard situation.  But then, the Pistons brought back Chauncey Billups and Will Bynum.  All of a sudden, my mood has upgraded to mildly optimistic.  Here’s why. First, Will Bynum: When I […]

Pistons Free Agent Targets – Above Average Point Guards

As it is the night before teams can “officially” have discussions with free agents, now seems like a good time to explore some free agent point guard options.  First, let’s baseline with Brandon Knight. This is just a reminder that Brandon Knight wasn’t very good for the Pistons last year.  The Pistons can get someone […]

Pistons Free Agent Targets – Young Small Forwards That Lack Star Power

Good news: The Pistons will have cap space this summer to sign free agents.  Bad news: The best free agents play the same position as Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond.  Nevertheless, there are still players that can help the Pistons at the guard and small forward positions.  Seems like a good time to explore some […]

Player Impact Estimate vs. Wins Produced

The NBA has opened up a new stats platform.  Upon first glance, it seems pretty impressive.  I especially like the shot charts and the many filtering options.  However, one element in particular caught my eye: PIE.  Player Impact Estimate (PIE) looks like the NBA’s attempt at an overall statistic.  When looking at the formula, I […]

Improving Turnovers: Internal Improvement

For the Pistons to improve on the turnover front, the best option is for Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight to just turn the ball over less.  As  young players with talent, there is no sense in the Pistons giving up on each player just because of their current turnover issues.  The question is, can you […]